Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sleepy Sundays

Well, today was nice and relaxing. It being Sunday, Joan was in town, but I decided to forgo the stalk market for the foreseeable future. While it can certainly prove a great way of making money if you're a mixture of smart and lucky, I think I prefer more hands-on (and less risky) methods of earning bells.

I recently managed to find and buy myself a computer, so I spend most of the morning surfing the internet and playing a couple of games. Not exactly the most exciting thing to talk about, but I hadn't gotten to do these kinds of things since leaving home, so it proved an amazing way of passing the time, and helped me reconnect with some of my online friends.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Follow-up at the Club

It was an unusual day. While looking around town, I stumbled across a wandering camel who told me her name was Sahara. It seems she goes from town to town selling wallpaper and carpet to those who are interested. The catch seems to be that you don't know exactly what you're buying--you pay her, she takes stock of your house, and installs whatever she's inspired to by your decor.

I decided to try my luck, to decidedly odd results. I came in to find my living room walls looking like the night sky, and my carpet looking like a field of grass and flowers. It was such an unsettling effect, I didn't even think to stop and take a picture before reinstalling my old flooring and wallpaper.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Club LOL

Well, today was quite the day. Sylvia is gone now, the only trace of her presence in town being the patch of dirt where her house used to be. It had been taken down during the night. I imagine the grass will regrow in time, and all that will be left are memories.

In lighter news, however, Dr. Shrunk's Club LOL has opened its doors. The once barely-noticeable alley now plays host to a bright, colorful sign that's hard to miss, especially once it lights up at night. Even the door is ringed by lights to invite customers in. All of these new and expanded businesses are really making the once derelict Main Street start to shine.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Goodbye, Sylvia

Well, this happened sooner than I'd like to admit. Sylvia hasn't even lived in this town as long as I have, but she's decided to move away. Apparently, another town has become famous for its "turf wars", and she wants in on the action. I have no clue what a turf war is in this context.

I think I simply have to accept that Mymeara will never be able to satisfy the tastes of every single person. Sylvia's found a place that suits her better than I think Mymeara ever will. Trying to change the town in a way that appeals to her would disappoint all the people who like the path it's already on. I wished her luck in her new town, and decided to take a walk along the beach to think and clear my head a bit.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Meet the Neighbors

Well, another slow day. Since I don't have much to talk about, I figured I should probably make note of the villagers who lived in the town before I arrived. I've talked about those who moved in after I did, but not much about the ones who came before.

First up is Moose the mouse. Moose is a real musclehead, always talking about working out, eating healthy, and so on. Still, while I've had bad experiences with such types in the past, Moose seems to be a pretty decent guy. While he maybe tries a little too hard to push other people into joining his insane workout regimen, his heart's at least in the right place about it, and he always has a kind word or small gift for people.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Look at My House

Well, today's been a rather slow day. Absolutely nothing of note happened. So, rather than sit here and complain, I thought I'd give a small tour of my house.

First, the outside is really starting to come together. No more glaring pink door! There's still some room for improvement here, but it's looking really nice already. All that's really left is to replace the fence and mailbox when I find suitable looking options. I may decide to replace the walkway, but we'll see what happens.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Museum's Grand Reopening

I woke up rather excited. Today, we'd be holding the grand reopening of the museum. It was probably the ceremony I had looked forward to the most since I had started my job as mayor, as the museum and its mission meant a lot to me.

It turns out the new employee Blathers had mentioned was his younger sister, Celeste. Since she would be managing the affairs of the museum's second floor, she joined us for the short celebration in front of the train station. Quite a few people turned up, which made me really glad. I wasn't the only one in town who seemed to care a lot about the contributions the museum made to the town.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Museum That Belongs In One

Well, i woke up this morning to some major changes. My house, from the outside at least, now looks completely different. While I'm still waiting for Nook to stock items to help finish off the look, it's a major step int he right direction. As the house has grown, it's actually turned into somewhat of a mayoral mansion. When Nook had a renovation option inspired by ancient Japanese castle architecture, I couldn't resist. I've slowly been gaining a mental picture of my ideas for the town, and my own home would act as something of a starting point to spring the theme forward. I simply have to get access to the kind of plans and materials needed for the rest of work, which I imagine is going to take a while.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Signatures and Slick Kicks

Well, today certainly proved interesting. Not long after I woke up, I heard a knocking on my door, which is actually pretty unusual. Isabelle only leaves notes, and most of my neighbors are familiar with my sleep habits. Turned out to be a guy who called himself Dr. Shrunk. He was a comedian, and was looking to open up a club in the town. Since the noise from such a business could be a concern, he needed not only my own approval, but a petition showing there was enough support by the residents of the town to get the business permit. He figured a respected figure like the mayor would have a better chance of collecting them than a stranger to the town would. He had already approached all the business owners in town, so I'd only really need to approach my neighbors about it. The club sounded like a fantastic opportunity in the town, which was lacking any real venues for entertainment, so I readily agreed.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Solstice

Well, today was a far more exciting day than yesterday managed. While that new shop on Main Street was still under construction, Nookling Junction has finished it's renovations. Gone is the tiny little shed, and now a sleek, modern building known as T&T Mart has a proud place in our shopping district. and I have to say, I'm really happy with the change. The shack, while providing a useful service, had quickly become the most unattractive building in the area and was dragging down the entire atmosphere. Now I feel like our town has a store it can be proud to shop at.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Slow Day

Today was by far the most uneventful day I've had since I moved to town. I'm honestly a bit lost for words on what to even write about. Nookling Junction was closed as advertised, the furious sounds of construction behind its protective tarp. The store that had started construction yesterday was still a work in progress, so I still have a bit of a wait on my hands to see what's up with that.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Suite of Sweet Dreams

A lot seems to be happening around town today. After breakfast, I decided to visit Nookling Junction to look for furniture. While that didn't really come to anything today, Tommy did tell me that they'd be closed tomorrow while they expanded the store. They'd be able to carry more products each day after the remodeling, which sounded wonderful to me--a bigger selection meant more opportunities for furniture I'd like. I also felt a little proud, as this expansion meant Main Street was starting to prosper again. I wondered if I could keep this trend going.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dreams and Statuary

My house is looking significantly better after those renovations, but there's still some work to be done on it. I definitely need a new door, to start. Some new fencing and a matching mailbox would be pretty great, too. I guess I'll have to keep my eye open at Nook's Homes, to try and find things that can help make the look a little more cohesive. At least it's a start. While it has a ways to go, it already feels just a little more like home to me.

Monday, June 17, 2013

A Shady Salesman

Well, my house is looking a lot better this morning. It's not nearly as lop-sided as it was before. I'm kind of glad Nook's crew works so fast. Sadly, I'm still expanding the house faster than I can fill it. Many of the rooms are still empty. Hopefully I can find some furniture I like in the coming days, as the empty house can actually be kind of depressing. I ordered some renovations from Nook today, which should be complete in the morning. I hope they look as nice as they seemed in the showroom.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beef With a Side of Veggies

For the first time since moving into town, I had what felt like a slow day. Compared to every other day so far, just not a whole lot happened. Not to say that nothing at all happened, but the scale just felt so much smaller, and I think it's the first time I haven't felt drained to the point of exhaustion.

My house has continued to grow. There's only so many times I can write about trips to Nook's, after all. I now have a room on the western side of my house. The eastern side should be complete in the morning. Can't wait for that one, because my house appears a little lop-sided at the moment.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Bug-Off is On!

Well, today was quite a day. First thing when I woke up, I was approached by the guy who ran our newly constructed Reset Surveillance Center. To be honest... I still have no clue what he actually does. And he seems to have temper issues. Whatever this ... resetting thing is, I don't want to do it. I have the distinct feeling I never want to be on Mr. Resetti's bad side. Many of the residents seem pleased to have the mole back in town, though, so I'm fine with the situation as long as he doesn't cause any problems.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Some Walls Go Up, Some Walls Come Down

Well, I woke up today to find that my house has a second floor. It's noticeably smaller than the first floor, and depressingly empty, but at least it's there. I may work on turning it into a bedroom. After growing up in my parents' house, it's been hard getting used to my single-room home. Sleeping in the living room has just felt weird. I'll probably move my bed up there later tonight.

The weather was rainy again, but the clouds seemed thin. I doubted it would last for long. In the meantime, it was going to take more than a little rain to keep me from work. I had things to do.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

An Odd Visitor

Seems like every day I've been here, my house has gotten a little larger. In fact, my house is growing faster than I can find things I like to fill it with. After this latest expansion, I think it's a match for some of the largest homes in the town. I guess it's fitting for a mayor, but it also feels weird. I moved to town with nothing, and now I'm an important figure, with a big house. It hasn't even been a week.

It's kind of hard to complain about such good fortune, though.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Campsites and Coconuts

At this point, the construction talents of Nook's crew don't surprise me anymore. I again woke to find my house larger than it had been when I went to sleep. Even from the outside, the effects of the expansion were becoming more noticeable. The weather, unfortunately, was less than ideal today.

But, rain or no, I was the mayor, and I had a job to do. The bridge was complete, and Isabelle was going to be hosting a ceremony to celebrate the completion of the project.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Work Truly Begins

Today, I woke up to find the paint job I had arranged with Nook was complete. I also found two notes from Isabelle on my door. The first said that the application for the development permit had been approved, and that I should come see her when I found the time, to discuss what we could do now that we had the permit. The second said that Tortimer, the town's previous mayor who had retired, was visiting and wanted to speak with me. Figuring Isabelle could wait a bit, I decided to meet with Tortimer first. Maybe he'd have some advice.

The Path to the Permit

My sleep was relatively restless. Between the craziness that had happened the previous day and being in a tent, sleep was difficult and sporadic. I woke up to one heck of a surprise, though. I was surrounded by wood instead of fabric.

I groggily stumbled outside to find that somehow, in the middle of the night, not only had the tent been torn down, but my house had been erected, somehow without waking me up. In fact, I was even covered in a blanket I had never seen before, with a pillow that hadn't been anywhere around when I had gone to sleep. Nook wasn't kidding about that construction crew. Those guys are like carpentry ninjas.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Meet the Merchants

Well, I probably should have posted this yesterday, but it was just such a crazy day, I forgot. After all, it's not every day you find yourself the mayor of a town by accident.

After my little nap, I woke up just in time to find the mailman delivering a letter to me. Seems Nook was right about the cardboard box. His name was Pete. Nice guy, but his job keeps him busy, so he didn't have long to chat. He just introduced himself, handed me the letter, and was on his way.

The letter didn't have a return address, or even a name. But it seemed to be from the person who was supposed to be the town's new mayor. It was kind of vague, but it seemed some personal issues came up that prevented them from taking the position. They wished me luck with my new job.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wait... what?!

Oh, man. No one's ever going to believe this.

So, after all that waiting, the big day was finally here. I boarded the train, and headed for Mymeara, the town that was to be my new home.

Along the way, I have a pleasant chat with a cat named Rover. He seems to be the real nomad type, always on the move, never really settling down. He had some great stories to pass the time, which was great, because even though the train ride lasted all through the night, I wouldn't have been able to sleep a wink. I was way too excited.

So, the train finally pulls into the station, and I get a huge surprise. What seems like half the town is there to welcome me. Which is flattering, but also incredibly confusing. How did anyone even know I was coming? But the surprise doesn't really end there.

Apparently, the town's new mayor was supposed to be on the same train I was on. But I was the only one to get off at Mymeara. Due to some massive misunderstanding ... it seems I'm the town's new mayor now. I swear, I tried to explain I wasn't who they were looking for, but no one really seemed to be listening. They were all too excited to welcome the new mayor to town.