Friday, June 28, 2013

Club LOL

Well, today was quite the day. Sylvia is gone now, the only trace of her presence in town being the patch of dirt where her house used to be. It had been taken down during the night. I imagine the grass will regrow in time, and all that will be left are memories.

In lighter news, however, Dr. Shrunk's Club LOL has opened its doors. The once barely-noticeable alley now plays host to a bright, colorful sign that's hard to miss, especially once it lights up at night. Even the door is ringed by lights to invite customers in. All of these new and expanded businesses are really making the once derelict Main Street start to shine.

I decided to pay the club a visit right away. Turns out, Shrunk was in the middle of cleaning up the last of the mess from getting the place set up. He thanked me for the help is getting the place rolling, and I have to say, he had certainly done a good job with the place. Lights, sound systems, projector screens, and probably a ton more things I couldn't see or didn't even know what they were.

The club's nightly music didn't actually start up until 8pm, but even though he was officially retired from his career as a comedian, it didn't take much to persuade Shrunk to show me one of his routines while I was there. The bit was ... interesting. I'll say that much. Shrunk even gave me a book that I could use to record jokes I wanted to use later in.

I decided to go home and get some rest and paperwork done while I waited. I even called a friend from out of town to come check out the club with me. She wasn't able to get here until nearly 11, but the club was still going strong when we showed up. I'm not sure how, but Shrunk had gotten the famous musician K.K. Slider to be his permanent DJ. Most of what he played was remixes of his own music. And, it turns out that on Saturday nights, he'd be performing his traditional acoustic guitar sets live. I'd definitely have to come check that out. If I could drag her away from the office, I'd have to bring Isabelle. She was actually a huge fan of K.K. Slider, and had even given me a tee-shirt of his to wear to the club tonight.

The club is definitely a huge advancement for the town. It seems like it'll go a long way towards injecting life back into a place that had seemed to be on its last legs just weeks ago.

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