Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Look at My House

Well, today's been a rather slow day. Absolutely nothing of note happened. So, rather than sit here and complain, I thought I'd give a small tour of my house.

First, the outside is really starting to come together. No more glaring pink door! There's still some room for improvement here, but it's looking really nice already. All that's really left is to replace the fence and mailbox when I find suitable looking options. I may decide to replace the walkway, but we'll see what happens.

My living room is kind of a mess of random stuff I like, or find useful. I have a nice sofa and table, a kotatsu to help stay warm on colder nights, and even some supplies to do paperwork from home. I'm spending a lot less time in the office than I did in the first few weeks. In the future, I may decide to set up a proper home office, but for now, this works.

Along with the kotatsu, I've managed to find quite a few items that touch back to my Japanese heritage. I've found several katana to display, and even lucky frog and cat statues. The guitar is something I bought to try and help pass the time by learning how to play it, but to be honest, I'm terrible at it. Maybe I'll get better in time.

My bedroom is upstairs, and is still kind of basic. A bed, a colorful lamp I found, and even a lava lamp which casts a calming blue glow in the dark. I've even managed to get my hands on a TV, which may in part explain why I haven't gotten any better at the guitar. I also have a humidifier that my mom shipped to me not long after I moved--she remembered that I have trouble sleeping when the air is too dry. Though with all the rain and my house being right on the cliffside, facing the ocean, I haven't had much to worry about there. Maybe it'll prove more useful in the winter, when the moisture gets sucked out of the air.

I'd show you more, but right now the other rooms are mostly being used to store junk I've found and just not bothered to sell off or find a use for yet. One room is full of things I may end up using to design my own museum exhibit, but I'll need to find more material for the exhibit if I'm going to do that. Only time will tell what comes of that.

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