Monday, June 24, 2013

The Museum's Grand Reopening

I woke up rather excited. Today, we'd be holding the grand reopening of the museum. It was probably the ceremony I had looked forward to the most since I had started my job as mayor, as the museum and its mission meant a lot to me.

It turns out the new employee Blathers had mentioned was his younger sister, Celeste. Since she would be managing the affairs of the museum's second floor, she joined us for the short celebration in front of the train station. Quite a few people turned up, which made me really glad. I wasn't the only one in town who seemed to care a lot about the contributions the museum made to the town.

Shortly after the celebration had ended, I decided to pay Celeste a visit and see the newly renovated second floor for myself. There were two major aspects to the new section of the museum. The first was that Celeste ran a souvenir shop of sorts, where she would sell items exclusive to the museum, including themed wallpaper, carpeting, and even things like display cases. As more donations were made to the museum, she would continue adding more relevant items to the shop's inventory rotation. One of the reasons she sold such items was for the other aspect of the second floor, which is that people were free to rent one of four display rooms and create their own exhibits for other people to enjoy. I have to say, the idea intrigues me. Perhaps in the future, I'll have to have a go at creating one of my own.

One of the items she had up for sale was a silver colored fishing rod. The manual that came with it advertised that this limited edition model out-performed most commercial rods in almost every way. While I wasn't exactly a professional fisherman, I did regularly spend some of my free time fishing, and selling my catches earned quite a bit of money. A better rod certainly couldn't hurt, so I decided to give it a try. Even with my amateur skills, I could tell a difference. Fish seemed more attracted to its lure, and more reluctant to flee from it. The rod also seemed lighter in my hands, and to have considerable more spring to it. It's a rod that would last a long time, and I didn't get tired as easily when fighting a powerful fish. All in all, the expense seemed totally justified.

Celeste had mentioned that while she had the rod in stock today, the donations the museum had received before opening had also prompted her to add some other specialist tools to the shop's inventory. Hopefully I'll see more of those in the coming days, if they all perform this well.

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