Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Solstice

Well, today was a far more exciting day than yesterday managed. While that new shop on Main Street was still under construction, Nookling Junction has finished it's renovations. Gone is the tiny little shed, and now a sleek, modern building known as T&T Mart has a proud place in our shopping district. and I have to say, I'm really happy with the change. The shack, while providing a useful service, had quickly become the most unattractive building in the area and was dragging down the entire atmosphere. Now I feel like our town has a store it can be proud to shop at.

The changes, obviously, didn't stop at the exterior. The store now carries a lot more items. More furniture at a time, more tools, flooring and wallpaper, and even some basic medicines.

Today's furniture items were just too specialized for my needs, but they did have a megaphone on sale that I definitely had a use for. I often had to shout at ceremonies and events, and it was wearing my throat raw. The megaphone would help a lot in that regard, and it just so happened that today we were hosting an event that would be the perfect testing ground for my new toy, and the celebration would be starting in just a few minutes.

Other than my brief trip to Main Street in the morning, the entire rest of my day was spent in Town Square. Since the sun would be working overtime today, Isabelle was handing out sets of sunglasses. While they weren't really my kind of thing, part of my duty was inspiring enthusiasm in the townsfolk to get involved. So, I wore them, if only to make Isabelle happy.

I don't think I ever saw anyone else wearing any.

While most of the celebration simply involved enjoying the sunlight on its longest day of the year, we did have some small events. A raffle, a few games, and even a cute photoboard people could take pictures at. It was a simple experience, but pleasant. Many of the residents simply spent time hanging around the square, talking, coming closer together as a community.

While the celebration was scheduled to last until midnight, I had to excuse myself much earlier. The heat and bustle were getting to me, and come the morning, I'd be back to work for real.

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