Thursday, June 27, 2013

Goodbye, Sylvia

Well, this happened sooner than I'd like to admit. Sylvia hasn't even lived in this town as long as I have, but she's decided to move away. Apparently, another town has become famous for its "turf wars", and she wants in on the action. I have no clue what a turf war is in this context.

I think I simply have to accept that Mymeara will never be able to satisfy the tastes of every single person. Sylvia's found a place that suits her better than I think Mymeara ever will. Trying to change the town in a way that appeals to her would disappoint all the people who like the path it's already on. I wished her luck in her new town, and decided to take a walk along the beach to think and clear my head a bit.

I actually didn't get terribly long to do either of those things. I found Gulliver unconscious on the beach ... again. I pulled out my megaphone and yelled at him to wake up, having learned my lesson from last time.

He didn't seem to remember me, or where he was going. I'm not so sure the guy should be allowed back at sea with his history, but I had no real way to stop him. Seems that this time, he was trying to reach Spain. Last time, he sent me a mermaid statue back from Denmark. I wonder what I'll get this time. I also wonder how long it'll be before he's back on our shores with memory loss, because this seems to be becoming a pattern.

The only other thing of note for today is my new tool. Celeste's gift shop at the museum was selling a silver bug net. Much like the silver fishing rod, the silver net was a marked improvement over its commercial version. It was lighter, more durable, had a larger net to help with capturing insects, and its mesh was designed to be even gentler on the critters it caught to help avoid damaging them.

I decided to try it out on a violin beetle I found on a tree stump. The things seemed attracted to the stumps, which may explain why I hadn't seen them around before. The net worked like a charm and Blathers was reluctantly thrilled to accept the new donation to the museum. Turns out the guy really dislikes insects, but always manages to put his duties over his personal hangups.

Well, tomorrow's a new day. While today was less than entirely happy, all there is is to move on.

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