Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Suite of Sweet Dreams

A lot seems to be happening around town today. After breakfast, I decided to visit Nookling Junction to look for furniture. While that didn't really come to anything today, Tommy did tell me that they'd be closed tomorrow while they expanded the store. They'd be able to carry more products each day after the remodeling, which sounded wonderful to me--a bigger selection meant more opportunities for furniture I'd like. I also felt a little proud, as this expansion meant Main Street was starting to prosper again. I wondered if I could keep this trend going.

Of course, the biggest news of the day was the opening of the Dream Suite the town had funded yesterday. As with most projects, Isabelle had arranged an opening celebration, but since the Suite was on Main Street, we didn't want to block traffic, and so held it in the small square in front of the train station. Luna, the manager of the Dream Suite, and the one who had approached Isabelle about the idea, attended the celebration with us. Despite an almost unsettling calmness about her, she really seemed to be happy about the grand opening.

As soon as the party broke up, Luna gave me a special invitation to visit the Dream Suite, which I accepted. I had planned to visit right away anyway, just to see what the whole thing was about. The outside of the building was rather pretty, white and pale gold, with a few flower motifs, and some pleasant smelling plants on the path leading to the door. It was my first time seeing the building, as the construction tarp had still been up when I visited Main Street earlier in the day.

The inside was interesting. Calming colors, simple patterns, an aromatherapy bottle trickling a steady stream of pleasant, flowery vapor into the room. There was both a bed and a couch for napping, and Luna explained that each served a different purpose. The Dream Suite was actually more than just a nap room, but a place where they played specific dreams recorded from other users about the places where they lived. It was a way to visit foreign lands in your sleep. I didn't really feel like I had time to explore someone else's dream today, but I did let Luna take a scan of my own dreams to upload into their network. People would be able to visit Mymeara from other Dream Suites across the world, or at least visit it the way it appeared inside of my own head. It was kinda weird, but also excited. I'd have to come back another day to try visiting somewhere else.

Taking a little walk to try and shrug off the aftereffects of my time in the Dream Suite, I stumbled across something else that piqued my interest--another new shop was being build on Main Street, next to The Able Sisters' shop. The tarp prevented me from seeing what it may have been, but I was excited all the same. So much was changing on Main Street, and I couldn't help but feel proud of the progress we had made as a community. There was still so much to do, but I was finally starting to feel hopeful instead of burdened about my position. I had made a difference in these peoples' lives, and they were making one in mine every day. I couldn't wait for the future, both tomorrow to see what our new shop would be, and for all the things that would come later than that as well.

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