Saturday, June 29, 2013

Follow-up at the Club

It was an unusual day. While looking around town, I stumbled across a wandering camel who told me her name was Sahara. It seems she goes from town to town selling wallpaper and carpet to those who are interested. The catch seems to be that you don't know exactly what you're buying--you pay her, she takes stock of your house, and installs whatever she's inspired to by your decor.

I decided to try my luck, to decidedly odd results. I came in to find my living room walls looking like the night sky, and my carpet looking like a field of grass and flowers. It was such an unsettling effect, I didn't even think to stop and take a picture before reinstalling my old flooring and wallpaper.

Trying to put the experience out of my head with some shopping, I headed to Main Street. To my surprise, a giant construction tarp was arranged over The Able Sisters' shop, though their doors were open. It seems the previously unused upstairs was being leased out to a new business, and the cutouts for the doors was the best compromise they could reach to not have to shut down until the work was done. They were less than pleased with the noise, but hopefully it won't take long.

I passed the rest of the day by doing some fishing, since they always seem to bite better during the rain. However, when 8pm rolled around, I decided to head back to Club LOL to sit in on one of K.K. Slider's famed acoustic sets. The mood was a lot more relaxed than it was during his DJ gig, and I noticed the club was a little emptier. I think on the nights he does this, people trickle in slowly to try and get some peace, rather than coming to party. The music was definitely a lot more chill. K.K. also had time to actually talk to me, and even slipped me a music disc of the song first song he had played that night. Seems when he's not at the sound board, he's actually quite personable. Almost hard to believe it's the same guy who had spent hours focusing so hard on his equipment the previous night. He definitely takes his music seriously, no matter what form he's delivering it in.

Tired and content from my time at the club, I decided to head home, by dropped by Town Square on my way. It seems the tree I planted my first day in town is growing well. It's nearly the size of the other trees in town now. I really feel like this tree is coming to represent Mymeara itself. It started off so small and vulnerable, but as the town around it has started to grow and thrive, so has it. I get the feeling that the tree, like the town, has a lot of growing left to do, and it's my job to nurture both.

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