Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dreams and Statuary

My house is looking significantly better after those renovations, but there's still some work to be done on it. I definitely need a new door, to start. Some new fencing and a matching mailbox would be pretty great, too. I guess I'll have to keep my eye open at Nook's Homes, to try and find things that can help make the look a little more cohesive. At least it's a start. While it has a ways to go, it already feels just a little more like home to me.

Katrina was in town again. Her tent really stands out, especially compared to Nat's conservative style, and the ruined old tent Redd was using. Today, she told me that my luck was actually high, and a specific kind of shirt could help improve it further. I didn't have any shirt like that, and a quick peak at the Able Sisters' shop showed they didn't have anything like that in stock. They did have an adorable lacy tank-top, though, so at least Katrina's advice led me to a new shirt. Still not sure if her powers are legit.

I went into the office to find Isabelle asleep at her desk. She insisted it was research into a new project someone had suggested, but I'm pretty sure the poor girl was just exhausted. She worked way too hard sometimes. This whole Dream Suite thing sounded kind of weird, but Isabelle was excited about the idea, and a survey she had done suggested it could prove popular with the residents. I decided to okay the project. Since it would be opening on Main Street instead of in the town proper, space wasn't a concern, and the cost was modest compared to the Reset Surveillance Center everyone had wanted.

The fund raising went surprisingly well. While I was skeptical about the enthusiasm people would have for a glorified nap room, people really seemed to get behind it. Maybe they knew more about what was involved with it than I did. I'd have to give it a try when it was built, just to see what had people so excited for it. Since we couldn't really block up Main Street, we held the donation drive at the train station. A few people who stopped while waiting for trains even donated to the cause. Fairly fun time, all in all.

As the day wore on, though, it was time to take the statue I had bought from Redd and face the music with Blathers. After a thorough examination, Blathers was delighted to announce that the piece was the genuine article. I was incredibly relieved that I hadn't wasted money on a forgery. Blathers was also insistent that he give me some pointers. Turns out I was right about Redd not letting Blathers anywhere near his tent. The two hated each other. Blathers hated Redd because of the disservice he did history, and Redd hated Blathers for exposing his lies. It would be up to me to do so. I decided I'd try to get regular lessons from Blathers on the subject. I didn't want to waste the town's money, or his time, on forgeries. This one piece was a start, but we had a lot way to go, still.

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